Sirolo and Numana

Hamlets nestled in green and blue

Located on the slopes of Mount Conero’s southern side, the hamlets of Sirolo and Numana constitute two among the major holiday resorts of the Conero Riviera, enjoying a spectacular position perched over the sea. Of medieval layout with timber frame structure, Sirolo was feud and fortress of the Cortesi counts. Then, in 1225 it passed down to Ancona. On the main square are located the church of SS. Sacramento - whose small gate has a XV century relief portraying a “Virgin with child” - and the Cortesi Theatre, marvellous example of a small and cozy XIX century architectural design. During summer, one of the major points of interest is undoubtly the Cave Theatre, an oper-air space obtained from an abandoned mine located within a wooded area.

The area between Sirolo and Numana, populated since the prehistoric era, is rich in archaeological sites many of which are currently underway. In the area I Pini there is one of the biggest picene necropolis where were found a variety of noble circular graves (VI-IV century). Among these graves it was found a princess’ tomb (VI century) of extraordinary size and of particular interest for the presence of two picene wagons in the grave goods, now under restoration works at Numana’s Antiquarium.
Rose in an already populated area in prehistory, Numana was a Picens’ harbour regularly frequented by the Greeks who used to exchange their products with those made by inland populations’. The hamlet is composed of two parts: Numana Alta (higher part), nestled among the green and the mountain’s slopes perched over a pebbly beach and Numana Bassa (lower part), stretched along the sea, toward the harbour. On the main square of Santuario are located the Townhall (1773) once summer residence of Ancona’s bishops and the Crucifix Sanctuary, rebuilt in modern shapes in 1969. Close to the church there is a restored spring, the remains of an ancient roman aqueduct derived from the Conero. On the back of the Townhall there is the national Antiquarium, which collects the major portion of the archaeological rests discovered in Sirolo’s and Numana’s territory and offering a remarkable documentarion of the picene civilization developed in the area from VII century to the roman era. From the main square, following via Roma you reach the small Tower square perching over the sea. Here, there are the remains of a tower, collapsed in 1928, considered to be a ruin of the ancient city walls.

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