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Der Conero und die Marken

Entdecken Sie die Region Marken und erleben Sie die Riviera del Conero

Camping Bellamare ist Ausgangspunkt zur Besichtigung der wunderschönen Riviera del Conero und der landschaftlichen und künstlerischen Schönheiten der Region Marken.



The Sanctuary of Loreto is a majestic construction that was built over three centuries to welcome pilgrims with a warm embrace. It was built with the help of a series of talented artists, including Bramante and Sansovino.There is an imposing construction that,"like a precious pearl", was built to provide shelter to the walls of the Holy House of Mary of Nazareth. According to legend, it was miraculously flown to the city of Loreto by angels. Inside this modest home, there is also a statue of the "Black Madonna", patron of aviators, which represents the heart of Marian devotion.


Recanati standing on top of a hill near the Conero Riviera was the birth place of the famous poet, Giacomo Leopardi and home to a large part of his poetic literary works. It is now possible to visit the places that belonged to Leopardi, such as his Palace and its adjoining library, which contains more than 12,000 volumes. But, there is also the hill of "L'infinito", the infinite hill, where for some reason our curiosity excludes the remains of the ancient tower of Sant'Agostino, which inspired "Il passero solitario", the lonely sparrow, and the location of "il sabato del villaggio", the town's Saturday.


The Sferisterio opera house of Macerata provides a wonderful setting for a prestigious opera season under the stars during the summer months.
Grotte Frasassi


The Caves of Frasassi, about 60 km from Ancona, represent a fascinating underground destination. An upside down world made up of a beautiful environment of extraordinary concretions. Here, silence is only ever so often broken by the dripping of water, which brings the entire experience to life and determines its constant evolution.campeggi sirolo


A city with a rich past which has seen various people groups alternate upon its territory: from the first Picenum settlements to the prosperous Roman colony of AUXIMUM, from the Goths to the age of the Medieval Communes, and to Osimo's membership in the Papal State, to the Unification of Italy. The city of Osimo has a double life which even continues underground, stories and legends are narrated even there. A maze of tunnels, burrows and underground passageways dug out of the sandstone which extends for kilometres under the town.


is located in a very special location. The tips of the Mount Conero hills embrace three of its sides, while the forth opens onto the sea and its natural harbour, which represents the heart of this city. Ancona is the only Italian city that offers the beautiful sight of a sunrise and sunset over the sea thanks to its strategic location and elbow-like shape over the waters of the Adriatic Sea.


Castelfidardo is renowned for its handmade accordions, one of the symbols of Italian music throughout the world. The International Museum of Accordions is set up inside the Palazzo Comunale, the municipal buildings, and exhibits the historical stages of this instrument and of the artisans' expertise through a realistic re-enactment that is somewhat nostalgic.

Im Village oder auf dem Campingplatz an der Riviera del Conero!

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Viale Scarfiotti 13, 62017
Porto Recanati, MC - Italy


    Autobahn A14 Bologna-Taranto Ausfahrt Loreto-Porto Recanati - rechts abbiegen-Bundesstrasse 16, nach Numana Sirolo.


    Bahnhof Ancona: ca. 30 km.
    Bahnhof Porto Recanati: ca. 5 km.


    Die Unternehmen, die regelmäßige Flüge zu/von Ancona vornehme sind Alitalia, Lufthansa, Meridiana Fly und Ryanair, mit Links zu anderen italienischen und europäischen Städten. Charterflüge verbinden es mit Rhodos, Kreta, Formentera und andere Orte.
    Der Flughafen von Ancona ist der ideale Ausgangspunkt, um in 30 Minuten den Camping Bellamare zu erreichen, sowohl mit dem Auto als auch mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln.

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